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TBA Wish List

Thank you for considering contributing a wish list item. The idea behind this list is to present you with the option of donating to a specific item. These items are generally more than a single person would give to, but above our approved budget, and less than what would be needed from a capital campaign.

Using the Wish List form you may contribute to any of the specific needs identified below. You do not need to donate any specific amount. The idea here is to get many smaller donations for a higher priced item. Once the item is completely paid for, we will remove it from the list and put in something else.

You may fund your contribution using a major credit card.


Pay for immediate repair of the HVAC Systems in the LLJL wing and the main office wing.

As of 5/1/2018 - still need $30,000 out of the $75,000 that was asked in March.

Social Hall Chairs

Social Hall chairs - These are to replace our gray chairs.  They will also be used so we don't need to rent those uncomfortable chairs for the High Holy Days.  Any money raised beyond what's needed will be placed in the Worship Directed Giving fund.

As of 5/1/2018 still need $6,000 out of the original $9,000 that was needed.


Sukkah - This is to replace the sukkah donated by the Confirmation class of 2003.  It will be a larger, but easier to manage structure.  Any money raised, beyond what's needed will be donated to the Men's Club to help fund other projects.

As of 5/1/2018 still need $1,700 out of the original $2,000 price tag.


CART - This is to support the visual text ("closed caption") for the hearing impaired at the High Holidays.Update this content.

This costs $2,000/year to support.

Mon, March 1 2021 17 Adar 5781