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Annual Campaign

Our TBA community depends on each household to contribute, to the best of its ability, in order for us to meet our yearly expenses. Our process, established in 2009,  has two parts by design – the Gift of the Heart designed to collect initial annual pledges and the Annual Campaign, which seeks to collect the remaining gap between the operating expenses approved by the congregation in the budget and the pledges from the Gift of the Heart.

Both parts of this process will take place annually and are essential to meeting our yearly expenses and financial obligations.  Historically, the Gift of the Heart pledges have left us with a shortfall from the approved annual budget.

You are welcome to pledge to our Operating Budget for any reason by using the form below.   This donation is above whatever you may have pledged as Gift of the Heart, at the beginning of the fiscal year. 

There are still many other ways to support the Temple financially.  Feel free to visit the Give page to make a contribution to a Directed Giving Fund.  These funds are for specific areas that are important to you.  The process is also meant as a way to donate in honor of someone or something. 

We are always seeking 100% participation between the Gift of the Heart and the Annual Campaign, regardless of the amount you can give. One hundred percent participation shows that we are a community working together to keep our Temple home in good financial health now and for the future.


Remember to ensure your donation goes to your TBA account, you need to login before you start to complete this form.



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