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Oneg Sponsorship

What is an Oneg? 

What is an Oneg?  What is a Kiddush?

Oneg "means "joy," and the Oneg Shabbat ("Oneg" for short) is the nosh that congregants and guests share after a Friday night service. Kiddush literally means “a blessing recited over a cup of wine or over bread on the Sabbath or on a festival.”  At TBA, we call the refreshments after the Saturday morning service a Kiddush.

Onegs and Kiddush help us to share in the blessing of Shabbat and build and nurture our community by giving us an opportunity to gather informally on a regular basis. Sharing food together helps us find a space to connect to each other; adults can catch up with friends and meet new people in an unhurried way; while kids can grab a bite and play with their friends. For some, the Oneg or Saturday Kiddush builds community as much as the Shabbat service itself.

Do you have an upcoming Simcha? 

You can sponsor or co-sponsor an Oneg or Kiddush for either a Family service, a Shabbat evening or a Shabbat morning service in honor of any simcha—birthday, anniversary, graduation, new baby, loved one’s accomplishments, any happy occasion.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate any special occasion, to celebrate being part of Temple Brith Achim or just to celebrate being alive! 

Every family at TBA is welcome and encouraged to sponsor or co sponsor one Oneg and Kiddush each year.  

Oneg Resources

  Please refer to the following documents to help plan an oneg:

Oneg Guidelines

Oneg Checklist

Dietary Policy


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