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TBA Committees

Our Tree of Teams and Committees

Adult Education

Contact: Rhonda Hager ||

Adult Education at Temple Brith Achim gives us the opportunity to continue our learning and to share our knowledge with fellow congregants.

What are you interested in learning or sharing? Language, History, Crafts, Cooking, Israel, Photography, Scholar-in-Residence?

Caring Community

Contact: Adrienne Kerbel ||

Helps foster a warm, connected, and caring family environment at TBA. By communicating congregational needs, calling, and visiting members in case of illness or bereavement, providing meals, arranging transportation, and providing service opportunities for the entire congregation, Caring Community provides tangible and intangible support to all members.


Contact: Jean Kintisch/Cindy Poust ||

The communications committee gets the word out about events to members of our congregation and the community. As coordinators, liaisons, and communicators, we work with other TBA committees to promote temple activities and events through internal publications, such as newsletters, flyers, weekly e-mail updates, and the TBA website,, as well as to external print, web-based and broadcast media throughout the region.


Contact: Peter Walsh ||

Has the overall responsibility for all the upkeep and improvements of the entire facility. Its mission is to address the ongoing general maintenance of the building, property and grounds; to ensure that the facility functions efficiently; to provide a clean, safe, attractive, and operationally sound environment and to continually develop the facility through project renovations that support the growing mission of the Temple.


Contact: Josh Saragovi ||

Serves a three-fold purpose: welcome prospective members to TBA's community; integrate new members into our TBA family; and to create meaningful connections between current members. The Committee hosts events to welcome and introduce prospective members to TBA.  For existing members, the Membership Committee hosts events and provides resources to connect members within the community to one another.

School Team

Contact: Rebecca Harter/Dan Krosky || Email Address

Work to ensure that our children’s education is enhanced by field trips, model seders, holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners, family education programs and special events. In addition, fundraising to provide the school with technology, equipment and resources that we would otherwise need to do without. The success of our religious school is dependent upon this help and the spirit of partnership between school and parents. 

Social Action

Contact: Cathy Koffs ||

We engage in Tikkun Olam healing and repairing the world. It is our mission to facilitate and to encourage the congregation, individually and collectively, to translate this commitment into action by: providing opportunities for community service, raising awareness and educating our congregation and community about issues of concern and motivating congregants to advocate for social justice, building partnerships with external organizations that share our goals, supporting and encouraging social action activities initiated and/or sponsored by other groups within the congregation, and providing the congregation with information about social action activities and opportunities throughout the community.


Contact: Kareen Hartwig ||

Serves as the "spiritual pulse of TBA." Along with the Rabbi, we help define and implement the worship experience and ritual policies of the congregation and partner with all other committees and auxiliaries to balance the spiritual life and engage others. Promoting religious practices is aimed not only to inspire our congregants to a deeper observance but also to transfer these practices into our homes to enhance the values of Jewish living. They help plan events like Shabbat in the Park and prepare the Temple for the High Holiday season as well as our other holidays and celebrations.

Youth Group

Contact: Rabbi Glazer ||

Currently being reorganized.  Information from the previous incarnation can be found here.

Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784