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Communications Committee Mission 

The communications committee gets the word out about TBA events to members of our congregation and the community. As coordinators, liaisons and communicators, we work with other TBA committees to promote temple activities and events through internal publications, such as newsletters, flyers, weekly e-mail updates, and the TBA website,, as well as to external print, web-based and broadcast media throughout the region. We rely on the volunteer talent and efforts of our congregants!  If you're interested, please phone us at 610-337-2222, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Communications Committee

Ginny Simon, Chairperson


Communication instructions - Form vs. Calendar

  1. The communications form is not used to place an event on the TBA calendar. Instead, specific committee/team members and heads of houses have been authorized  to update the calendar.
  2. However, please continue to use the communications form to:
    •    make a submission to the newsletter
    •    publicize an event (or other news) in the newsletter or external media
    •    Other contacts with the communications team

Submit Your Communications or Event Info

This is the one place to submit your event information, newsletter articles, flyers, web content requests, and input for the weekly email. You'll have the opportunity to specify whether your information is internal-only or also for external publication, and any other details that apply.

Provide your information once on this form and the entire Communications team will receive it and take appropriate action.

NOTE: As most forms submissions will be for events, several fields are marked as "required".  Therefore, if your submission is *not* related to an event, please simply enter something descriptive to complete these required fields.  Thanks!


Use the space below to enter only the text you wish to appear appear on the web or other media. Be aware that the text you enter will *automatically* be placed on the web calendar.

Therefore, PLEASE do not enter instructions to the communications team here. Use the indicated space at the bottom of this form to provide instructions to the communications team.

Thanks !

This is the event description which will appear on the website and is the basis for other publicity, etc. Please enter a description of up to 1000 characters, which is the website limitation. Include contact name, optional phone & RSVP if applicable. If a cost is associated with the event, please mention it here.

Remember to include the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

NOTICE: This text will AUTOMATICALLY be placed on our web calendar, therefore please include ONLY the text you wish to appear on the calendar.  If you have comments or instructions for the communications team -- *please* enter them below, in the area indicated for this purpose. 

NOTE: For "repeating" events...

If you are submitting an event which should appear on multiple dates, please:
1) Enter the first date immediately below;
2) Enter any additional dates in the special instructions area at the bottom of the form using the dd/mm/yyyy format; please use commas to separate any list of repeat dates you specify.

You may upload an article for publication in the newsletter. Click the browse button to locate the file on your computer right now.  When submitting an update, *please* name each file version so we may easily determine the latest version of your file.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept .docx files.

External Publicity  Request

Important:  Please note that due to publication schedules, we need detailed information 8 weeks ahead.  This includes date, time, topic, audience, etc.  Flyers, especially for events that take place early in the month, should be submitted for the previous month's newsletter and mailings."

Your form is now complete!

If you have questions, concerns or special instructions please enter them below. Otherwise press the submit button.

We hope the Event Submission Form has been helpful. However, if you have questions, comments or need to provide further instructions, please use this area.


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