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Join the Team!

To join our team, please fill out the Volunteer form, below. If you would like to help on a single project, on an ongoing basis or would like to share your ideas, please let us know. 
One of the committee's great strengths is in partnering with other Temple committees and groups to complete much needed improvement projects that could never be afforded, if contracted to outside professionals.  

Recently Completed Projects 

The following is a list of some of the projects that have been accomplished recently :

  • Library/lounge (spearheaded by the Outreach committee with Building and Aesthetics committees' support )
  • School wing floor waxing (a bigger job than you might think!)
  • Financial office renovation
  • Youth Lounge remodeling (with sweat equity provided by BRATY)
  • ECLC at Brith Achim playground installation and repairs (jointly completed with Men's Club)
  • Second floor classroom renovations
  • Set up of TBA workshop, equipped with a growing set of tools 
  • Ongoing landscaping, cleanup, and outside improvements
  • Renovation of the Main office
  • Renovation/construction of a new choir rehearsal room
  • Upgrading of two meeting rooms in the lower level
  • Planning for the Solomon Social Hall renovation
  • Second phase of the parking lot resurfacing
  • Ongoing landscaping and grounds upgrades

If you have a project idea that you'd like to share, please submit it using the online Work Request form (see right-side column). 

Completed Mishkan Project

The first project supported by our congregants' generous donations to the Mishkan Fund has just been completed. This project, spearheaded by TBA Sisterhood, was designed and managed by the Kitchen committee. It includes the following:

  • New state-of-the-art commercial kitchen
  • New HVAC system to serve the Solomon Social Hall and kitchen
  • New user friendly and updated Social Hall Stage

Building and Grounds Committee

Peter Walsh, Chairperson


Who We Are and What We Do 

Today's TBA Building and Grounds committee is strong, with eight dedicated members, and growing! Each member brings a different set of complementary skills and expertise, including facilities and project management, architectural and interior design, budgeting, general construction, carpentry, electrical, gardening and landscaping, and general handyman know-how.

TBA's Building and Grounds committee has the overall responsibility for all the upkeep and improvements of the entire facility. Its mission is to address the ongoing general maintenance of the building, property and grounds; to ensure that the facility functions efficiently; to provide a clean, safe, attractive, and operationally sound environment and to continually develop the facility through project renovations that support the growing mission of the Temple.  All of this is accomplished within the constraints of our highly disciplined budget. 

TBA has also set for itself the mission to be a good steward of the Earth. The committee has researched new electricity supplier options and is working with an energy broker to identify cost effective energy suppliers, with a view towards adding renewable energy sources to the mix. Also as an effort toward sustainability and with our new kitchen's commercial-grade dishwasher, TBA will move away from the use of disposable dinnerware.

A sub-committee of Building and Grounds is the Aesthetics committee, which is charged with establishing, overseeing and managing matters related to fine arts and beautification of the interior spaces of our building. This group of dedicated congregants is committed to preserve an aesthetically dignified synagogue and to ensure a consistent and harmonious appearance and style throughout the building. This committee has produced an interior master plan, and on an ongoing basis, evaluates type and placement of artwork and furnishings within the Temple.

As in any much-loved and much-used facility, the work at TBA is never done.  The Building and Grounds committee meets regularly (every second Monday of the month) to handle TBA building needs and can always use a couple of extra hands (or more).  Members of the team meet, as needed, on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings to accomplish projects. Please contact Peter Walsh for specific dates. 

Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784