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American History
The Promised Land Antin, Mary 2001
Our Crowd Birmingham, Stephen 1967
The Invisible Thread: a portrait of Jewish American women Bletter, Diana 1989
Wanted! Blum, Howard 1977
The Jewish Quarter of Philadelphia Boonin, Harry D 1999
Jewish Heroes & Heroines of America Brody, Seymour 1996
Tough Jews Cohen, Rich  
Where Are We? Fein, Leonard 1988
Jewish Life in Philadelphia 1830-1940 Friedman, Murray  
Philadelphia Jewish Life 1940-1985 Friedman, Murray 1986
Growing Up Jewish in America Frommer, Myrna Katz  
An Empire of their Own Gabler, Neal 1989
World of our Fathers Howe, Irving 1976
We are your Sons Meeropol, Robert 1975
The Rosenberg File Radosh, Ronald 1983
Writing our Lives Rubin, Steven 1991
A History of the Jews in America Sacher, Howard M 1992
Shores of Refuge Sanders, Ronald  
A Documentary History of the Jews in the US Schappes, Morris 1976
Getting our Groove Back Shay, Scott A 2007
A Certain People Silbermann, Charles  
Jewish Times Simons, Howard 1988
The Jew Store Suberman, Stella  
"Jewish Mothers; strength, wisdom, compassin" Wolfsn, Paula Ethel; compiler 2000
Jewish San Francisco Zerin, Edward 2006
The Encyclopedia of Talmudic Sages Bader, Gershom 1993
In the Rabbis' Garden Blidstein, Gerald J 1997
Understanding the Talmud Boraz, Edward S 1996
Essential Papers on the Talmud Chernick, Michael 1994
Pathways through the Bible Cohen, Mortimer 1970
The Living Nach Elman, Yaakov 1994
The Dead Sea Scrolls Fisdel, Steven A 1998
The Five Books of Miriam Frankel, Ellen 1996
The Five Megilloch and Jonah Ginsberg, H L 1969
The Song at the Sea Goldin, Judah 1990
The Women's Torah Commentary Goldstein, Elyse; ed. 2000
The Language of Truth Green, Arthur 1998
Back to the Sources Holtz, Barry  
5755 Learn torah with… Kelman, Stuart; edit 1996
5756 Learn torah with… Kelman, Stuart; edit 1999
The Mishnah Lipman, Eugene  
Ancient Israel's Faith and History Mendenhall, George E 2001
"God, a Biography" Miles, Jack  
Torah from our Sages Neusner, Jacob  
Stories of Heaven and Earth Person, Hara 2005
TaRYaG Rabinowitz, Abraham Hirsch 1996
Congregation Rosenberg, David 1987
The Book of Job Scheindlin, Raymond P 1998
Reclaiming the Dead Sea Scrolls Schiffman, Lawrence H 1994
Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls Shanks, Hershel 1992
The Last Trial Spiegel, Shalom 1993
Rabbinic Fantasies Stern, David 1990
Biblical Literacy Telushkin, Joseph 1997
Midrash Tanhuma; vol 1 Genesis Townsend, John T 1989
Visions of the Fathers Twerski, Abraham J 1999
Megillas Eichah (Lamentations) Zlotowitz, Meir; trans 1969
Tuesdays with Morrie Albom, Mitch  
Jubana Anders, Gigi  
Schlepping Through the Alps Apple, Sam  
The Holy Thief Borovitz, Mark  
The Telling Broner, E M 1993
Elie Wiesel Brown, Robert McAfee 1983
Dear Professor Einstein Calaprice, Alice; edit  
Rachel Calof's Story Calof, Rachel  
From That Place and Time Dawidowicz, Lucy  
Breakthrough Dayan, Moshe 1981
"My Father, His Daughter" Dayan, Yael 1985
Chutzpah Dershowitz, Alan  
Climbing the Mountain ougla  
Where She Came From Epstein, Helen  
Abraham Feiler, Bruce  
Shcharansky Gilbert, Martin 1986
Grauel Grauel, John 1982
Marc Chagall Greenfeld, Howard 1968
Pride of Our People Gross, David  
Written Out of History; our Jewish foremothers Henry, Sondra  
Maimonides Hesschel, Abraham Joshua 1991
Sandy Koufax Leavy, Jane  
Tales of the Yiddish Rialto Lipsky, Louis  
Twenty Twenty argolie  
Disraeli Maurois, Andre 1955
Battling for Peace Peres, Shimon 1995
Chaim Weizmann Rose, Norman 1986
Walter Benjamin Scholem, Gershom 1981
Fear No Evil Sharansky, Natan 1988
Bronx Primitive Simon, Kate 1982
Great Jews in Sports Slater, Robert 1983
Talmudic Images teinsalt  
The Many Worlds of Gershon Shofman Tarnor, Norman 1989
"Moshe Dayan the Soldier, the Man, the Legend" Teveth, Shabtai  
Meyer Weisgal…So Far Weisgal, Meyer 1971
The Impossible Takes Longer Weizmann, Vera 1967
Nine and Counting Whitney, Catherine  
All Rivers Run to the Sea Wiesel, Elie 1995
Lazar: the autobiography of my father Yanow, Leonard 1980
Hannah Arendt Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth 1982
Chaplain on Wngs Zahavy, Zev 1981
Jewish Major Leaguers Baseball Cards    
Shabbat Abrams, Judith  
A Picture Book of Hanukkah Adler, David 1982
The First Thousand Words in Hebrew Amery, Heather  
"One Night, One Hanukkah Night" Backman, Aidel 1990
Reader: Modern Hebrew Prose and Poetry Band, Ora 1990
David Bearman, Jane 1965
Pesach Bin-Nun, Judy 1982
Berchick Blanc, Esther 1989
My First 100 Hebrew Words Bogot, Howard 1993
Hanukkah Cat Burstein, Chaya 1985
Passover Cedarbaum, Sophia 1960
Sukos Cedarbaum, Sophia 1961
Hebrew Melodies Chusid, Charki 1990
"Make a Wish, Molly" Cohen, Barbara 1994
Molly's Pilgrim Cohen, Barbara 1990
The Carp in the Bathtub Cohen, Barbara 1992
"Hear, O Israel About God" Cone, Molly 1973
Who Knows Ten? Cone, Molly 1965
The Jews of New Amsterdam Costabel, Eva  
Noah's Ark Cousins, Lucy 1993
Queen Esther dePaola, Tomie 1986
A Baker's Portrait Edwards, Michelle 1991
Bible Heroes I Can Be Eisenberg, Ann  
I Can Clebrate Eisenberg, Ann 1988
The Wailing Wall Fisher, Leonard 1989
Haneirot Halalu Frishman, Elyse D; edit 1989
Alef to Tav Ganz, Yaffa  
The Terrible Wonderful Day Ganz, Yaffa 1987
Tamar's Sukkah Gellman, Ellie 1999
Honi and his Magic Circle Gershator, Phillis 1979
Something from Nothing Gilman, Phoebe 2008
The Tattooed Torah Ginsburg, Marvell 1983
Happy Hannukah Gold, Margery 1995
Grandpa and Me on Tu B'Shevat Gold-Vukson, Marji E 2004
The Jews Settle in New Amsterdam 1654 Grand, Samuel 1954
Chanukah Greenfeld, Howard 1976
Sophie's Name Grode, Phyllis 1990
All about Hanukkah Groner, Judye 1988
Mihu Halpern, Chaiky 1982
Judas Maccabeus Healy, Mark 1989
The Castle on Hester Street Heller, Linda 1982
When Jessie Came Across the Sea Hest, Amy 1999
Treasures of Chanukah Hildebrandt, Greg 1987
Joseph who loved the Sabbath Hirsh, Marilyn 1986
Potato Pancakes all Around Hirsh, Marilyn 1978
The Wonderful Rainy Week Jaureguiberry, Martine 1981
JTG of Nashville JTG of Nashville, 1988
You Can Do a Mitzvah Kahn, Katherine Janus  
Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins Kimmel, Eric 1989
"Dance, Sing, Remember" Kimmelman, Leslie 2000
If Your Name was Changed at Ellis Island Levine, Ellen 1993
I go with My Family to Grandma's House Levinson, Riki 1986
The Hanukkah of Great-Uncle Otto Levoy, Myron 1984
ABC Mayers, Florence 1989
Sharing Hanukkah McDonnell, Janet 1990
The Mouse in the Matzah Factory Medoff, Francine 1983
Alina Meir, Mira 1982
A Child's Picture Hebrew Dictionary Meshi, Ita 1985
Fins and Scales Miller, Deborah Uchill  
The Keeping Quilt Polacco, Patricia 1988
"Bubby, Me, and Memories" Pomerantz, Barbara 1983
Ima on the Bima Portnoy, Mindy 1986
My Hanukkah Book Randall, Ronne 1994
The Lekachmacher Family Richman, Carol 1976
Melly's Menorah Rosenberg, Amye 1991
Sam the Detective's Reading Readness Book Rosenberg, Amye 1982
The Old Synagogue Rosenblum, Richard 1989
Buba Leah and her Paper Children Ross, Lillian 1991
Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah Rouss, Sylvia 1993
Sammy Spider's First Trip to Israel Rouss, Sylvia  
Let's Have a Seder Sagasti, Miriam 1996
Bible Stories for Jewish Children Samuels, Ruth 1973
My Very Own Simchat Torah Saypol, Judyth 1981
My Very own Sukkot Saypol, Judyth 1980
Sukkot and Simhat Torah Schlein, Miriam 1983
Mrs. Moskowitz and the Sabbath Candlesticks Schwartz, Amy 1983
The Sabbath Lion Schwartz, Howard 1992
The Book of Adam to Moses Segal, Erich 1987
The Odd Potato Sherman, Eileen Bluest  
The Treasure Shulevitz, Uri 1978
Festival of Esther Silverman, Maida 1989
My Family Seder Simon, Norma 1970
The Story of Passover Simon, Norma 1997
The Shabbat Box Simpson, Lesley  
Mazel and Shlimazel Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1967
Ilan Ramon Sofer, Barbara 2004
Hanukkah: a counting book Sper, Emily  
Arielle and the Hanukkah Surprise Speregen, Devra 1992
Partners Syme, Deborah 1990
One Little Goat Had Gadya Teutsch, Betsy 1990
A Turn for Noah Topek, Susan 1992
The Great Jewish Enjoy-a-Trivia Book varies, 1985
It Could Always be Worse Zemach, Margot 1976
The Passover Parrot Zusman, Evelyn 1983
Building Jewish Life Passover Activity Book   1987
Modern Jewish Stories Charles, Gerda; edit  
Ashes Out of Hope Howe, Irving; edit  
Firstfruits Michener, James; edit  
A Treasury ;of Jewish Folklore varies, 1948
A Treasury of Yiddish Stories varies, 1989
An Anthology of Modern Yiddish Literature varies, 1974
Explorations varies, 1968
More Wandering Stars varies, 1981
Out of the Whirlwind varies, 1968
Pushcarts and Dreamers varies, 1967
Rachel the Clever varies, 1993
Shaking Eve's Tress varies, 1990
The Great Jewish Plays varies,  
The Jewish Caravan varies, 1963
The Shtetl varies, 1979
The Woman who Lost her Names varies, 1980
Wandering Stars varies, 1974
Kosher Cookery vRutic  
Bagle Bible Bagel, Marilyn & Tome  
Kosher Chinese Cookbook Chan, Millie 1990
So this is Kosher Kaye, Ann 1986
International Jewish Cookbook Levy, Faye 1991
Kosher Cuisine Nash, Helen 1989
Kosher Kitchen Nash, Helen 1988
The Childrem's Jewish Holiday Kitchen Nathan, Joan  
The Jewish Holiday Kitchen Nathan, Joan 1988
The Passover Gourmet Rousso, Nira 1987
Jewish Holiday Cakes Shaulov, Hana 1986
Matzah Meals Tabs, Judy 1985
And It Was Very Good    
The Romance Reader Abraham, Pearl 1995
Twenty-one Stories Agnon, S.Y. 1970
Inside Kasrilevke Aleichem, Sholom 1973
Marienbad Aleichem, Sholom 1982
Selected Stories of Sholom Aleichem Aleichem, Sholom 1956
Stories and Satires Aleichem, Sholom 1963
The Old Country Aleichem, Sholom 1946
Kane and Abel Archer, Jeffrey  
Herzog Bellow, Saul 1961
Mr. Sammler's Planet Bellow, Saul 1970
Aftergrowth Bialik, Hayyim Nahman 1944
The Law of Return Bloch, Alice 1983
After Bukiet, Melvin 1996
Rebekah Card, Orson Scott 2001
Sarah Card, Orson Scott 2000
Why She Married Him Chapman, Myriana 2005
Eva's Story Cirino, Linda 1999
Jane Austen in Boca Cohen, Paula Marantz  
Much Ado About Jessie Kaplan Cohen, Paula Marantz 2004
The Court Jesters Dagan, Avigdor 1989
Good Harbor Diamant, Anita  
The Red Tent Diamant, Anita 1997
Queen Maker Edghill, India  
The Family Orchard Eve, Nomi  
The Establishment Fast, Howard 1979
The Jews Fast, Howard 1968
Whither? And other stories Feierberg, M Z  
Jew Suss euchtwange  
Everything is Illuminated Foer, Jonathan Safran 2002
Bee Season Goldberg, Myla 2000
Mothers Goldreich, Gloria 1989
Kaaterskill Falls Goodman, Allegra 1998
Paradise Park Goodman, Allegra 2001
The Family Markowitz Goodman, Allegra  
Rabbis and Wives Grade, Chaim 1982
The Agunah Grade, Chaim 1974
See Under: Love Grossman, David 1989
Murder on a Kibbutz Gur, Batya 1994
Snow in August Hamill, Pete 1997
Picture This Heller, Joseph 1988
In the Image Horn, Dara  
Four Mothers Horn, Shifra  
Through The Wilderness Jacobson, Dan 1968
Fax Me a Bagel Kahn, Sharon  
Out of the Frying Pan Kahn, Sharon 2006
To the Tenth Generation Kashner, Rita 1984
Jupiter's Bones Kellerman, Faye 1999
Milk and Honey Kellerman, Faye 1990
Moon Music Kellerman, Faye 1998
Stalker Kellerman, Faye 2000
Stone Kiss Kellerman, Faye  
Straight into Darkness Kellerman, Faye  
Street Dreams Kellerman, Faye 2003
The Forgotten Kellerman, Faye 2001
Devil's Waltz Kellerman, Jonathan 1993
Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry Kemelman, Harry 1966
Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out Kemelman, Harry  
Schindler's List Keneally, Thomas  
The Gilded Chamber ohn. Rebecc  
The Little Drummer Girl Le Carre, John  
The Man Who Thought He was Messiah Leviant, Curt 1990
The Polish Lad Linetski, Isaac Joel 1975
The Coffee Trader Liss, David  
A New World for Simon Ashkenazy Markish, David 1976
The Source Michener, James 1965
The Ladies Auxiliary Mirvis, Tova 1999
Almonds and Raisins Mosco, Maisie  
Out of the Ashes Mosco, Maisie  
The True Story of Hansel and Gretel Murphy, Louise  
The River Midnight Nattel, Lilian 1999
The Elephant and my Jewish Problem Nissenson, Hugh  
The Last Revolt Opatoshu, Joseph 1952
Our Choice of Gods Parrish, Richard 1989
Selected Stories Peretz, I L 1974
Blessings Plain, Belva 1989
Her Father's House Plain, Belva  
Tapestry Plain, Belva 1988
Three Daughters Pogrebin, Letty Cottin  
Zenia's Way Polonsky, Abraham 1980
Book of Lights Potok, Chaim 1981
Davita's Harp Potok, Chaim 1985
In the Beginning Potok, Chaim 1975
My Name is Asher Lev Potok, Chaim  
The Chosen Potok, Chaim 1967
The Promise Potok, Chaim 1969
The Covenant Ragen, Naomi 2004
Lovingkindness Roiphe, Anne 1987
The Golems of Gotham Rosenbaum, Thane  
Melov's Legacy Ross, Sam 1977
The Nag Seforim, Mendele Mocher 1955
Pillars of Fire Shagan, Steve 1989
Three Days Sharef, Zeev 1962
Saturn's Child Shulman, Irving 1976
And God Braided Eve's Hair Siegel, Danny  
Between Dust and Dance Siegel, Danny  
An Isaac Bashevis Singer Reader Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1979
"Enemies, A Love Story" Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1972
Gifts Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1985
Gimpel the Fool Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1957
In my Father's Court Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1966
Meshugah Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1994
Old Love Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1979
Passions and other stories Singer, Isacc Bashevis  
Short Friday Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1964
Shosha Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1978
The Magician of Lublin Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1960
The Manor Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1967
The Spinoza of Market Street Singer, Isacc Bashevis 1961
Yentl the Yeshiva Boy Singer, Isacc Bashevis  
The Resort Stein, Sol 1980
Only the Best Stein, Toby 1984
As a Driven Leaf Steinberg, Milton 1987
Exodus Uris, Leon 1958
The Promised Land Veltfort, Ruhama 1998
The Allah Conspiracy Warren, Christopher 1981
Blood Cries Weisman, John 1987
Posses the Land White, Alan 1970
A Beggar in Jerusalem Wiesel, Elie 1970
Night Wiesel, Elie  
The Fifth Son Wiesel, Elie 1985
The Forgotten Wiesel, Elie  
Song of Miriam Wolf, Pearl 2003
Marjorie Morningstar Wouk, Herman 1955
The Hope Wouk, Herman  
War and Remembrance Wouk, Herman 1978
The Liberated Bride Yehoshua, A B 2001
Louisa Zelitch, Simone  
The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon Zimler, Richard 1998
The Jews of St Petersburg Beizer, Mikhail 1989
Jews and Christians Charlesworth, James 1990
Consolation for the Tribulations of Israel Cohen, Martin 1965
The Diaspora Story Comay, Joan 1980
The Synagogue eBreffn  
Challenging the Kremlin Drachman, Edward 1991
Heritage: Civilization and the Jews Eban, Abba 1984
My People Eban, Abba 1968
The Jews of Spain Gerber, Jane 1992
The Blood of Israel Groussard, Serge 1975
Upon the Doorposts of Thy House Gruber, Ruth Ellen 1994
Hundertwasser undertwasse 1975
A History of the Jews Johnson, Paul  
"Rembrandt, the Jews and the Bible" Landsberger, Franz 1946
Three Popes and the Jews Lapide, Pichas 1967
The Jewish Communities of the World Lerman, Antony 1989
Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment Mahler, Raphael 1985
The Vanished Worlds of Jewry Patal, Raphael  
Wanderings Potok, Chaim 1986
The Road from Babylon Raphael, Chaim 1985
The Springs of Jewish Life Raphael, Chaim 1982
A History of the Jews Sachar, Abram Leon 1966
"Jewish People, Jewish Thought" Seltzer, Robert M 1980
The Music of the Jews in the Diaspora Sendrey, Alfred 1970
I Seek my Brethren Shachtman, Tom 2001
Jews in Old China Shapiro, Sidney, edit 1984
Coat of Many Colors Shenker, Israel 1985
A History of the Ancient World Starr, Chester 1991
Odyssey Bierman, John  
Letter from Vienna Cornwall, Claudia  
A Holocaust Reader Dawidowicz, Lucy 1975
The War against the Jews 1933-1945 Dawidowicz, Lucy  
Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust Eliach, Yaffa 1982
Less than Slaves Ferencz, Benjamin  
"Nazi Germany and the Jews, vol 1" Friedlander, Philip  
Roads to Extinction Friedman, Philip 1980
Plays of the Holocaust Fuchs, Elinor  
The Boys Gilbert, Martin  
The Journey Back from Hell Gill, Anton  
The Inextinguishable Symphony Goldsmith, Martin 2000
The Artists of Terezin Green, Gerald 1978
Neighbors Gross, Jan T 2001
Letters from Westerbork Hillesum, Etty 1986
Coming of Age in the Holocaust Jackson, Livia  
Hidden in France Jeruchim, Simon  
I Will Bear Witness Klemperer, Victor 1999
Shielding the Flame Krall, Hanna 1977
The Tattooist of Auschwitz Morris, Heather 2018
Early Narratives of Holocaust Survival Niewyk, Donald 1989
Hitler's Jewish Soldiers Rigg, Bayan Mark 2002
Rescued from the Reich Rigg, Bayan Mark  
The Courage to Care Rittner, Carol  
Testimony Rosenberg, David 1989
Journal; 1935-1944 Sebastian, Mihail 2000
Strangers in their own Land Sichrovsky, Peter 1986
Upon the Head of the Goat Siegal, Aranka 1981
Benevolence and Betrayal Stille, Alexander 1991
The Holocaust Yahil, Leni 1987
The Italians and the Holocaust Zuccotti, Susan 1987
Anne Frank House; a museum with a story   1984
A Treasury of Jewish Humor Ausubel, Nathan  
Never on Shabbas Leonard, Henry 1962
The Big Book of Jewish Humor Novak, William  
A Treasure-Trove of American Jewish Humor Spalding, Henry 1978
Joys of Jewish Humor Spalding, Henry  
"Why Me, God?" Aiken, Lisa 1996
Spiritual Judaism Ariel, David  
Sabbath Peace Braun, Moshe  
Chicken Soup for the Soul Canfield, Jack  
Small Miracles Halberstam, Yitta  
Small Miracles for the Jewish Heart Halberstam, Yitta  
The Heavenly Ladder Hoffman, Lawrence  
Why Me? Why Anyone? Jaffe, Hirshel 1994
Jewish Meditation Kaplan, Aryeh  
Voices of Wisdom Klagsbrun, Francine 1980
The Lord is my Shepard Kushner, Harold 2003
To Life! Kushner, Harold  
When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Kushner, Harold 1986
The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things Leder, Steven Z 1999
Jewish Renewal Lerner, Michael  
How to Want What You Have Miller, Timothy 1995
Renewal Each Day Olitzky, Kerry 1992
Sacred Intentions Olitzky, Kerry  
Women Speak to God Spiegel, Marcia Cohn, ed. 1987
Yiddish Wisdom Swarner, Kristina; illus 1996
The Book of Jewish Values Telushkin, Joseph  
"Words that Hurt, Words that Heal" Telushkin, Joseph  
Down to Earth Judaism Waskow, Arthur  
Kaddish Wieseltier, Leon  
All Israel Bacon, Josephine 1988
Revenge; a story of hope Blumenfeld, Laura  
Jerusalem; city of mirrors Elon, Amos 1989
From Beirut to Jerusalem Friedman, Thomas 1990
A Peace to End All Peace Fromkin, David 1989
The House of Garibaldi Street Harel, Isser  
Heroes of Israel Herzog, Chaim 1989
DNA and Tradition Kleiman, Yaakov 2007
Healing Israel/Palestine Lerner, Michael 2003
The Archaeology of Society in the Holy Land Levy, Thomas 1995
Jerusalem 1913 Marcus, Amy 2007
Jerusalem Curiosities Millgram, Abraham 1990
Warriors for Jerusalem Neff, Donald 1984
By Way of Deception Ostrovsky, Victor 1990
In the Land of Israel Oz, Amos  
The Slopes of Lebanon Oz, Amos 1989
Every Spy a Prince Ravin, Dan  
"Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient times" Redford, Donald 1992
The High Walls of Jerusalem Sanders, Ronald  
Start Up Nation Senor, Dan 2009
The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times Stillman, Norman 1991
The Longest War Timerman, Jacobo 1982
Bar-Kokhba Yadin, Yigael 1971
Masada Yadin, Yigael 1971
Jewish Practice
The Art of Judaic Needlework Aber, Ita 1979
Jewish Parenting Abrams, Judith  
Jewish Parenting Book Bell, Roselyn 1989
Liberal Judaism at Home Bial, Morrison David 1971
This House We Build Bookman, Terry 2007
The Star of David Needlepoint Book Borssuck, B. 1979
Jewish Holiday Traditions Burghardt, Linda  
The Jewish Baby Book Diamant, Anita 1988
Miriam's Kitchen Ehrlich, Elizabeth 1997
On the Web Green, Irving  
The Jewish Way Greenberg, Irving 1988
Caring and Coping when your Loved one is Seriously Ill Grollman, Earl 1980
Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers Grollman, Earl 1993
The Jewish Holidays Gross, Chaim 1968
Tastes of Jewish Tradition Hirsh, Jody  
"What Do You Mean, You Can't Eat in My House" Jaffe, Azriela  
The Jewish Book of Why Kolatch, Alfred 1981
The Second Jewish Book of Why Kolatch, Alfred 1985
When Elijah Knocks Kroloff, Charles 1992
From Generation to Generation Kurzweil, Arthur 1980
Becoming a Jew Lamm, Maurice 1991
The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage Lamm, Maurice 1980
The Jewish Way of Death and Mourning Lamm, Maurice 2000
Gates of Mitzvah Maslin, Simeon 1979
The Blessing of a Skinned Knee Mogel, Wendy  
So That Your Values Live On; ethical wills Riemer, Jack  
History of the Matzah Rivers, Larry 1984
"Your People, My People" Romanoff, Lena 1990
The Jewish Wedding Book Routtenberg, Lilly 1968
Putting God on the Guest List Salkin, Jeffrey  
The Complete Klezmer Sapoznik, Henry 1987
American Klezmer Slobin, Mark 2002
What Happens after I Die Sonsino, Rifat  
The Book of Klezmer Strom, Yale 2002
The Jewish Home Syme, Daniel 1988
Jewish Origami Temko, Florence 1991
Jewish Origami 2 Temko, Florence 1992
The Complete Book of Jewish Observance Trepp, Leo 1980
The Jewish Baby Handbook Weber, Douglas 1990
Beyond Breaking the Glass Wiener, Nancy  
Exploring Jewish Tradition Witty, Abraham 2001
Teaching your Children about God Wolpe, David 1993
The Harvard Hillel Sabbath Songbook    
Yiddish Proverbs Ayalti, Hanan 1949
Reader: modern Hebrew prose and poetry Band, Ora 1990
A Treasury of Jewish Quotations Baron, Joseph 1956
Hebrew: the eternal language Chomsky, William 1957
Drek Emmes, Yetta 1998
Basic Hebrew Feinstein, Martin 1973
201 Hebrew Verbs Halkin, Abraham 1970
Amerikanisher Briefen-Shteler Harkavy, Alexander 1999
Outwitting History Lansky, Aaron 2004
Little Bear; in Hebrew Minarik, Else Holmelund 1957
The Joys of Yiddish Rosten, Leo 1968
The Joys of Yinglish Rosten, Leo 1989
English Hebrew Dictionary Segal, M. 1986
A Practical Grammer for Classical Hebrew Weingreen, J. 1959
Learning Yiddish in Easy Stages Zuckerman, Marvin 1987
Kabbalah Decoder Berenson-Perkins, Janet  
Jerusalem Bertinetti, Marcello 1986
Jews/America/A Representation Brenner, Frederic  
The Jews in America Cohen, David 1989
A Day in the Life of Israel Cohen, David, edit  
To the Promised Land Dan, Uri 1988
The Holy Land from the Air Elon, Amos 1987
In the Jewish Tradition Fellner, Judith  
A Torah Commentary for Our Times; 3vol? Fields, Harvey J  
Jewish Art Grossman, Grace Cohen 1995
The Psalms of David Jones, Owen 1989
Jerusalem Katz, Shemuel 1984
Great Jews in Music Lyman, Darryl  
Jewish Life in the Middle Ages Metzger, Therese 1982
Israel: Images & Ideas Nichols, Timothy 1988
A Will to Survive Phillips, John 1977
Rubin: my life my art Rubin, Reuven 1974
Ancient Jewish Art Sed-Rajna, Gabrielle  
The Jewish American Kitchen Sokolov, Raymond 1989
WWII ime-Life Boo 1989
Jerusalem Uris, Leon 1981
Chagall in Jerusalem xe Siecle Revie 1983
What Do Jews Believe Ariel, David  
Why Choose Judaism Belin, David 1985
In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov Ben-Amos, Dan 1970
Eros and the Jews Biale, David 1997
I and Thou Buber, Martin  
Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought Cohen, Arthur, ed 1987
The Mystical Kabbalah Cooper, David 1994
To Be Chasidic Dalfin, Chaim  
To Be a Jew Donin, Hayim Halevy 1972
Every Person's Guide to Judaism Einstein, Stephen  
Introduction to Judaism Einstein, Stephen  
What is Judaism? Fackenheim, Emil  
The Death of Death Gillman, Neil 2000
Spinoza; a collection of critical essays Grene, Marjorie  
How to be Jewish Gross, David 1989
Maimonides; torah and philosophic quest Hartman, David  
Man is Not Alone Hesschel, Abraham Joshua  
"One People, Two Worlds" Hirsch, Ammiel 2002
A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Husik, Isaac 1948
Exploring Jewish Ethica & Values Isaacs, Ronald  
Stalking Elijah Kamenetz, Rodger 1997
Choosing Judaism Kukoff, Lydia  
Miraculous Living Labowitz, Shoni  
Nine Gates to the Chassidic Mysteries Langer, Jiri  
Jews and Feminism Levitt, Laura 1997
A Vision of Holiness; the future of Reform Judaism Levy, Richard  
The Guide of the Perplexed Maimonides, Moses 1963
The Guide of the Perplexed Maimonides, Moses 1963
The Essential Kabbalah Matt, Daniel  
A Rabbinic Anthology Montefiore, C G 1960
Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom Nathan of Nemirov, Rabbi 1973
"Judaism, Physics and God" Nelson, David W 2005
An Introduction fo Judaism Neusner, Jacob 1991
Tzedakah Neusner, Jacob  
Sex Ethics in the Writings of Moses Maimonides Rosner, Fred  
The Yetzer Rotenberg, Mordechai  
Kabbalistic Writings on the Nature of Maculine & Feminine Schneider, Sarah  
The Unifying Factor Schoenburg, Nekhama  
On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism Scholem, Gershom 1965
Finding God Sonsino, Rifat  
The Ethics & Selected Letters Spinoza, Baruch 1982
Basic Judaism Steinberg, Milton  
Philosopher of Revelation Steinheim, S L 1990
Not Just Stories Twerski, Abraham J  
Four Centuries of Jewish Women's Spirituality Umansky, Ellen 1992
Jewish Dimensions of Social Justice Vorspan, Albert 1998
Tough Choices Vorspan, Albert 1992
The Healer of Shattered Hearts Wolpe, David  
This is my God Wouk, Herman 1988
The New Jewish Encyclopedia Bridger, David 1962
Proverbs Cohen, A 1985
The Five Megilloth Cohen, A 1987
The Psalms Cohen, A 1985
The Twelve Prophets Cohen, A 1985
Ezekiel Fisch, S 1985
Jeremiah Freedman, H 1985
Samuel Goldman, S 1966
The Pentateuch and Haftorahs Hertz, J H 1978
Job Reichert, Victor 1985
Chronicles Slotki, I W 1985
"Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah" Slotki, I W 1985
Isaiah Slotki, I W 1976
Kings Slotki, I W 1983
The Talmud Steinsaltz, Adin 1993
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia Wigoder, Geoffrey 1977
Reference YA
Junior Judaica Posner, Raphael 1982
The Young Reader's Encyclopedia of Jewish History Shamir, Ilana 1987
The Junior Jewish Encyclopedia Ben-Asher, Naomi  
Young Adult
Sound of Bow Bells Abrahams, Robert 1962
Holiday Tales of Sholom Aleichem Aleichem, Sholom 1979
One More River Banks, Lynne Reid 1992
Hank Greenberg Berkow, Ira 1991
The Hanukkah Book Burns, Marilyn 1981
Emma Ansky-Levine & her Mitzvah Machine Bush, Lawrence 1991
Feathers in the Wind Chaikin, Miriam 1989
Hinkl; & other shlemiel stories Chaikin, Miriam  
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