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Men's Club Activities

By Jon Rose

June 2010

Men’s club appointed new officers at the last Executive Board meeting on April 20th. Bruce Broser will be the new Men’s Club president for coming term, and Mark Golboro will be the Vice president. Fred Rosenfeld has agreed to be the new Men’s Club Board Representative and Gary Moskowitz is taking over as Communications chair. We also created a new position, Entertainment chair, which David Frank has agreed to take on. David will coordinate Men’s Club events where live music is required. I will be taking over as the Men’s Club Treasurer. I promise to carry the ‘1’s and not to forget where I left the checkbook.

I am very confident the new board will help Men’s Club achieve new levels of service, with leaders who are committed to service in support of the Temple and providing quality programs for the men of TBA to have a place to socialize and learn.

Four members of the Men’s club board attended a Men of Reform Judaism regional Cluster meeting on Sunday, May 16th at KI in Elkins Park, PA. This meeting of Regional board members happens a few times a yearn gives the various temples involved the opportunity to swap ideas and best practices. The event opened with a discussion on Jewish Genetic Testing by Rabbi Lawrence Sernovitz, of Old York Road Temple Beth Am. Rabbi Sernovitz discussed the upcoming community screening and family fun day at Einstein at Elkins Park/Moss rehab in Elkins Park, PA. This takes Place on Sunday, June 13th, from noon to 4 PM. Free screenings are offered along with genetic counseling for those being tested. Rabbi Lazar is very tuned into this as well and councils couples considering marriage to get testing before having children. More information on the event is available at:

We also had an open discussion on attracting new ‘active’ members, and finding the right events to challenge members and keep them active. These discussions were very interesting as the mix of temples present ranged in size from 260 families (TBA) to over a thousand families. Everyone’s perspective on ideas and issues was very enlightening and at times very entertaining.

Men’s Club has some great events coming up I know you will enjoy. Our annual Men’s Club Shabbat is Friday evening at 8 PM. Steve Koffs is leading the service for us and I’m hoping each and every one of you will join us for an enjoyable spiritual experience. We also have a ‘Men’s Night out’ planned for Wednesday evening, June 16th at Arnold’s Family Fun Center in Oaks, Pa. Go-karts, arcade games and laser-tag will make this a really enjoyable evening. Bruce Broser is leading this event. More info on our events can be found on the Men’s Club page on the TBA Website

Temple Brith Achim Men's Club

Bruce Broser, President

The TBA Men's club is an active, fun, community based organization. Our goal is to bring the men of TBA together in a way that strengthens our Jewish beliefs, to build our community and to build relationships among the men at our synagogue.Our activities vary greatly from wonderful guest speakers, to evenings out, to providing food for carnivals and gatherings and doing community service. All TBA men are welcome at our events, regardless of being an official member of men's club. We have a busy year planned for the 2010-2011 season. Check out our event calendar below for our next event.

We invite all TBA men to come out to any or all of our events.

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