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Religious School

Religious School Program

The Powell Religious School provides formal and informal educational programs for children from preschool through confirmation.  Our Religious School’s mission is to provide an education for all children of the Reform Jewish community and to develop in them a strong and positive Jewish identity.  We instill a sense of spirituality and a bond to the Jewish people and Israel through:

* Study of Torah, Hebrew, Tefillah (prayer) and history

* Practice of Mitzvot (commandments and values)

* Celebration of Shabbat, festivals and lifecycle events

* Participation in the life of the Jewish Community

Through the use of interactive projects and programs, creative strategies and techniques, holiday celebrations, fun-filled events, arts and crafts and music, we strive to nurture generations of students and families who cherish Judaism.

Our exceptional educators are enthusiastic about what they teach and are dedicated to conveying their commitment and deep love of Judaism to those they teach.  Our talented faculty is warm, caring and create a supportive, nurturing environment in which our children can share positive Jewish experiences, build strong Jewish memories and develop a strong positive Jewish identity.  

Class Schedule

Preschool - Grade 6
Sunday         9:00 – 11:30 AM

Hebrew: Grades 3 – 6
Sunday             12:00 – 1:30 PM


School Office Hours

Sunday -- 8:30 AM -2:00 PM
Tuesday -- 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Wednesday -- 9:00 AM-6:30 PM
Thursday -- 9:00 AM-5:00 PM



September 2019

8          First Day of School

         15        School

         22        School

                      Pancake Breakfast

                      High Holidays Program

         29        No School – Rosh Hashanah


October 2019

6        School

          Preschool & Kindergarten Parent Breakfasts with Rabbi Lazar

          13        School

             Sukkah visits

          20        School

            1st/2nd & 3rd Grade Parent Breakfasts with Rabbi Lazar


27        School

            6th Grade Family Education Day


November 2019

             3         School

                          4th & 5th Grade Parent Breakfasts with Rabbi Lazar

            10        School

               5th & 6th Grade trip to Lower East Side

            17        School

                          Preschool, Kindergarten, & 1st/2nd Grade Storytime with Rabbi Forman-Toll

                          6th Grade Parent Breakfast with Rabbi Lazar

24        School

              3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade Student Breakfast with Rabbi Lazar

              Kindergarten Family Education Day

              Barnes & Noble Book Fair


December 2019

1        No School – Thanksgiving Weekend

            8        School

                        Chanukah Celebration

          15        School

          22        No School – Winter Break

           29       No School – New Year’s Eve


January 2020

           5        School

          12       School

              4th Grade Family Education Day

              6th Grade Student Breakfast with Rabbi Lazar          

              Preschool, Kindergarten, & 1st/2nd Grade Storytime with Rabbi Lazar

19        School

              3rd & 4th Grade Student Breakfast with Rabbi Forman-Toll

26        School

                        5th & 6th Grade Student Breakfast with Rabbi Forman-Toll


February 2020

              2        School

               Preschool Family Education Day

              9        School

               Tu B’Shevat Program

            16        No School – President’s Day Weekend

 23        School


March 2020

              1        School

              8        School

            15        School

                          3rd Grade Family Education Day

            22        School

                          1st/2nd Grade Family Education Day

               6th & 7th Grade trip to Anne Frank Theater

29        School

              Passover Program


April 2020

             5         No School – Passover

          12        No School – Passover

19        School

              Pancake Breakfast

26       School


May 2020

 3          School

                Yom Ha’Atzmaut Celebration

10         No School – Mother’s Day

           17        Last Day of School

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyar 5782