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Rabbi's Welcome

Eric J. Lazar, Rabbi

Shalom and Bih-roo-cheem Hah-bah-eem – WELCOME! – to Temple Brith Achim’s virtual home on the World Wide Web. I’m so glad you have chosen to spend some time visiting our website, as I know this site is rich with ideas and information to help make our site and our congregation more familiar to you, and to help you feel more comfortable during your visit as well.

While your journey through these pages will offer you many glimpses into the myriad programs, activities, and worship experiences that fill our Temple Events Calendar to overflowing almost every week of every year, they are only glimpses. Sharing time with us in person will give you, and us, tangible opportunities to make Judaism come alive, shaping and changing our lives through prayer and through study, through celebration and through support, through dance and through song, through community and through connections – through “Brith Achim,” brotherhood/sisterhood.

Everyone of every age, from every background, will be able to find a home here with us, as we continually and continuously strive to be a home for all. Temple Brith Achim provides worship experiences and other events and activities not simply to fill time. We offer experiences that are worthwhile and effective, meaningful and informative, enjoyable and relevant. Not everyone will participate in every scheduled program or activity…but our ultimate goal is to offer SOMETHING for EVERYONE!

Just as you now have the chance to get to know a little about us through visiting this website, we welcome the chance to get to know a little about you as well, perhaps through your visiting us in person. Our dedicated Lay Leadership and our devoted Support Staff, along with our Education Director and myself, are eager to block out time to spend with you, answering questions, addressing concerns, and discussing the unique and wonderful community that is the Temple Brith Achim Family.

So…when will I see you? Send an e-mail, pick up the phone, or just stop by the next time you’re out and about. I look forward to our sitting and talking in my Study, to showing you around the building and the grounds, and to the chance for you to experience personally how the phrase “Welcome to Temple Brith Achim” really means “Welcome Home!”

Rabbi Eric J. Lazar

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Tue, May 30 2023 10 Sivan 5783